What’s BLOOMING? Daffodils

Daffodils I love SPRING! One of my favorite pastimes is watching to see what’s BLOOMING!

Recently our daffodils have been popping up like crazy. 

Here are a few photos of the daffodils in our yard.

 They are everywhere, and we have quite an assortment of colors and sizes. I love daffodils, because at the end of every cold winter, they spring up with the spring temperatures. As soon as their beautiful blossoms have vanished, I will thin them out and re-distribute them in our yard. I have never purchased any, I have just been relocating them from around our property, and a few of them have been gifts.

As long as they are not blooming you can transplant them. I like to let them bloom first, because if you transplant them first they may not blossom until the next spring.


As a bonus here is a picture of my itty bitty baby iris. This one is so tiny and always blooms before all the other irises! 

I can’t wait to see which flowers bloom next! I have irises, tulips and peonies popping up everywhere!

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Yep, the plate is empty! Can’t seem to keep THE PERFECT RICE KRISPIE TREAT around long enough for a photo shoot! 

 In an effort to simplify my life I have decided to stick all our favorite recipes in one place. It never fails when I really want to make something yummy the recipe is M.I.A.! 9 times out of 10 I just reprint a new one. This craziness must stop. I need to know where all my favorite recipes are! Plus this will save me from printing out millions of new copies!

I have seen many designs, but so far my favorite is this design from SIMPYKIERSTE.COM . I love Kierste’s Blog! It is one of my absolute favorites! Kierste is a mom of 6, one teenager, 2 sets of twins and a baby! WOW! I thought I had my hands full!


There are more printables, I just chose to start with these!

So guess what the first recipe in my binder is?

The Perfect Rice Krispie Treat made by YOURHOMEBASEDMOM.COM 

How to make the perfect Rice Krispie Treat I love, LOVE, love, Rice Krispie Treats. I have made them for decades, but I confess I always follow the directions on the box. Which is funny because I don’t always follow directions, a lot of times I just do things my way. So I was super excited to see THE PERFECT RICE KRISPIE Treat on PINTEREST! Who knew Rice Krispie treats could even get any better! I am here to tell you these RICE KRISPIE TREATS ROCK!!!! They are the best Rice Krispie Treats ever. So simple & so scrumptious!!! The perfect addition to my new recipe binder and a perfect way to help me keep Motherhood Simplified!!! 


P.S. For all those with a gluten free diet, try using Gluten Free Rice Krispies for a perfect Gluten Free treat!


via The Perfect Rice Krispie Treat – your homebased mom.




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I am totally tickled to share with My Monkeys & Me readers Purex’s NEWEST laundry detergent, PUREX POWERSHOT! Purex’s new PowerShot will transform your laundry routine! This is the perfect example of Motherhood Simplified!  Simply Flip. Dose. Done! No measuring! No guesswork! No MESS! Love it! I love simplifying everything and it does not get any simpler than that!  Ms. Independent & I are thrilled that each bottle tackles 45 loads! Purex’s PowerShot is the only bottle of of super concentrated detergent that automatically dispenses the right amount each time! With 50% more stain fighting power in every drop, and Purex’s PowerShot comes in two fragrances you will absolutely fall in love with!! Mountain Breeze & Natural Elements Linen & Lilies! My nose could not be more thrilled!

Purex’s NEW PowerShot is so easy to use!! Just open the cap, flip the bottle upside down and your detergent is automatically delivered to your washing machine. Once done simply flip your bottle back over and the bottle immediately prepares itself for the next flip!

This is so incredibly amazing, no mess and you have the perfect amount of detergent every time! 1 Flip for regular loads 2 Flips for large or extra dirty loads!

We love, love, love Purex’s NEW PowerShot! Laundry Simplified!!

I love being a Purex Insider!

Look at all the goodies I received!I couldn’t believe these coupons for my friends have my name on them! Yep, you guessed it. I was totally tickled! I gave one to my Parents as Teacher lady when she visited yesterday!! I plan on sharing with my other buddies!!

If that is not exciting enough, they sent me 3 bottles to give away to My Monkeys & Me readers!

These coupons are good until 12/31/2015!

I will give you one week to tell me your favorite laundry stories!  (Secrets, Tips, Brands you prefer, etc.) 

3 Winners will be randomly selected from my comments on March, 6th 2015.


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 ♥ I was given Purex’s NEW Powershot to sample for FREE, all opinions are 100% mine!

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Children’s Mucinex – Saves the day!


This to me has been one of the worst winters for carrying around the crud! It seems like our family has been on a never ending rotating wheel of not feeling well. I blame this mostly on our weather. Missouri weather is very unpredictable. This has been a mild winter in the precipitation department, but super stinky in the temperature department. I have thoroughly enjoyed the days when the temperature is in the 70’s and the sun is shining, unfortunately the next day the temps would drop down into 20’s or colder! This has reeked havoc on our immune systems! 

Children’s Mucinex has saved the day on several occasions!

First I confess I was given a bottle of Children’s Mucinex to try for FREE in order to write this review. 

This amazing opportunity was offered to me because of my partnership with SMILEY 360!

First I have say I am always totally tickled to get packages from SMILEY 360!

They are so cute!


blog and more DEC 001


 What wonderful words to live by!

Love the packaging, Love Smiley 360 & LOVE Children’s Mucinex!



No one wants their babies to feel miserable! Here is Mr.Idealist sampling Children’s Mucinex when had any icky cough and did not feel well at all.


Each dose of very berry flavored Children’s Mucinex Multi -Symptom Cold Liquid :

Relieves Stuffy Noses

Controls Coughing

Relieves Chest Congestion

Breaks up Mucus.

We are definitely keeping this treasure in our medicine chest!

 I do not like when my monkeys are miserable, that is why I choose Children’s Mucinex!

for a $2.00 off coupon and a sweepstakes go to http://h5.sml360.com/-/oohr

Until next time, 


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I have a confession. I read my first eBook! Yay me! 

I also confess I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE 

Madness Miracles Millions


I could not have picked a better book. 

This book made me laugh and cry, while at the same time offering hope and the gift to dream again.

Madness Miracles Millions, is a must read.  

You will “Be inspired, encouraged and motivated.” says Debbie Macomber #1 New York Times Best selling Author.

Madness Miracles Millions begins with a man having a life changing accident. Many with similar experiences might give up on themselves or give up on life in general. Not Larry Semprevivio, this accident and many other stumbling blocks don’t slow him down but are instead used to fuel his fire.

I learned so many lessons from this book, enjoyably.

Patience, Love, Hard Work, Diligence, Bravery, and the list goes on.

I admire the Semprevivo’s ability to get back on their feet and shake it off.



They have inspired me to be a better wife, mother, friend and all around person.

I love that when Joseph was little his mom thought he was doing something wrong, even though it appeared he was being naughty, he was being good. The discovery Joseph made at that moment ultimately made Joseph a millionaire.

There are tons of surprises, especially in Chapter 11.

(I did not see that one coming!) 

 What a MIRACLE! That after such incredible daunting challenges the Semprevivios are MILLIONARES!

I am going to get a hard copy because I know I will read this book over and over, like Ms. Debbie Macomber mentioned for inspiration, encouragement & motivation!

I don’t want to reveal all the fabulous secrets in this book, but if what I have written thus far has not peeked your interest maybe this photograph will!!


To get your copy of Madness Miracles Millions, and read for yourself how the Semprevivos turned the American Dream into a reality visit their website 



Also be sure to visit





I hope you take the opportunity to read this book,

it is truly life changing!

I could not put it down!





Until next time,



*Disclosure – I was given a free e-book copy of Madness Miracles Millions to review. All comments however are my own.

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