Foaming Hand Wash & Body + Hair Wash from Dial


  We were super excited to try Dials NEW Body + Hair Wash & Foaming Hand Wash!   For 67 years, the Dial brand has been developing trusted personal care products for clean, healthy skin. Dial is SUPER EXCITED to announce they are making fantastic new products for children and babies! I LOVE THAT THEY ARE: Developed with Pediatric Dermatologists Hypoallergenic No added parabens No

What’s BLOOMING? Daffodils


I love SPRING! One of my favorite pastimes is watching to see what’s BLOOMING! Recently our daffodils have been popping up like crazy.  Here are a few photos of the daffodils in our yard.  They are everywhere, and we have quite an assortment of colors and sizes. I love daffodils, because at the end of every cold winter, they spring up with the spring temperatures.


  Yep, the plate is empty! Can’t seem to keep THE PERFECT RICE KRISPIE TREAT around long enough for a photo shoot!   In an effort to simplify my life I have decided to stick all our favorite recipes in one place. It never fails when I really want to make something yummy the recipe is M.I.A.! 9 times out of 10 I just reprint a


I am totally tickled to share with My Monkeys & Me readers Purex’s NEWEST laundry detergent, PUREX POWERSHOT! Purex’s new PowerShot will transform your laundry routine! This is the perfect example of Motherhood Simplified!  Simply Flip. Dose. Done! No measuring! No guesswork! No MESS! Love it! I love simplifying everything and it does not get any simpler than that!  Ms. Independent & I are thrilled that

Children’s Mucinex – Saves the day!

  This to me has been one of the worst winters for carrying around the crud! It seems like our family has been on a never ending rotating wheel of not feeling well. I blame this mostly on our weather. Missouri weather is very unpredictable. This has been a mild winter in the precipitation department, but super stinky in the temperature department. I have thoroughly